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Online Course Personal Branding to BOOST your Career

Learn How to developing a unique professional identity and coherent message that will set you apart from others into the competitive environment we’re living now. | Format: Online Course | Language: English | Subtitles: French, Spanish. | Total Duration: 2:52 min

After the end of this course, you will be able to develop a unique professional identity and a coherent message that sets you apart from others in the competitive environment we’re living now. More benefits are the power to enhance your qualities to be hired or promoted for a company that appreciates your talents. The right personal brand image will make you easy recall between a big group of applicants. You will have a strong differentiator to grab the attention of human resource teams. You will know “how to sell yourself without selling you out”.

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    €78,99Personal Branding to BOOST your Career

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Personal Branding to Boost your Career

Course Curriculum

  • 2

    Module 1 | What means Personal Branding?

    • 5. What means Personal Branding?

    • 6. Key principles of personal brands

    • 7. Why Authenticity in Personal Branding is important and how to build that?

    • 8. What is and how to build a personal value proposition? (PDF Template)

    • 9. Personal Branding Applications; Source of inspiration!

  • 3

    Module 2 | Steps to Develop a Unique Personal Brand

    • 10. Building Pillars Introduction

    • 11. The Johari Window Tool

    • 12. Core Values & Statement of a Personal Brand. (PDF Template)

    • 13. Brand Image Concepts

    • 14. Brand Image Elements # 1. Name, Logo & Pictures

    • 15. Brand Image Elements # 2. Picture example & Color Psychology

    • 16. Brand Image Elements #3. Typography & Look and Feel

    • 17. Brand Image and Look & Feel inspirational examples

  • 4

    Module 3 | Personal Brand Digitization Social Media & Resume Preparation

    • 18. How to bring your Personal Brand to digital formats

    • 19. How to connect and Interact with social media channels?

    • 20. The best social media channels to give yourself to know and build your networking

    • 21. How to build your CV in digital formats?

  • 5

    Module 4 | Build Networking & Craft your Elevator Pitch

    • 22. How to build your Networking Introduction.

    • 23. Craft your Elevator Pitch. (PDF Template)

    • 24. How to build Networking nowadays?

    • 25. Tips for Job Interview. Preparation with an Intention.

    • 26. Tone of Voice and Intonation

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Bonus Templates

I will give you a free templates to be use as a part of the process to build the strong roots to your personal brand

  • Value Proposition Template

    You will learn with me how to talk about the special things that making you unique and different from others. I will give you a useful template to write down all those key elements that will make you enhance your strongest strengths and suggesting the reasons why you are the right candidate.

  • Pitch Elevator Template

    You will learn with me how to craft your elevator pitch! The elevator pitch is essentially a self-marketing tool. It tells others what you’re all about and why you or your idea is valuable in the space of one short paragraph. I will give you a useful template to build your elevator pitch and really make people interests on you after listening to a catchy and juicy speech.

  • Brand Statement Template

    You will learn with me how to set your core values and how to communicate it in a clear way. I will give you a useful template to organize your ideas in order to set your core values and deliver a clear message through a brand statement that will connect what you are with what you say about yourself.

I am your Instructor


María Lucía Romero

I’m an empowered woman empowering people to build their brands based on how they will want it to be perceived as a human being. After my Background in Marketing Management for almost 15 years between Latin America and the United States, bring me to explore which of those things that I did during these years, made me feel the biggest connection to bring it to my day by day life. In Fact, I started to be specialized in Branding 5 years ago. After arrive to live in Europe and start to create Brands for enterprises, I connected with key people in design, innovation and technology in Spain and Germany and then here in Luxembourg and this allows me to learn valuable things from them that make me feel more confident and ready to start as a Brand Consultant.

Launching price with 50% Off!

  • €78,99

    €78,99Personal Branding to BOOST your Career

    BUY NOW!